Colaiocco reiterates cooperation with Egypt in Regeni’s case

Italian student Giulio Regeni – Press photo

Rome’s Deputy Public Prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco announced continuing cooperation with Egypt in the ongoing investigation into the killing of a 28-year old Italian citizen in Cairo in 2016.

Colaiocco praised the existing coordination between the two countries in the joint investigations on the murder of the doctoral researcher Giulio Regeni who was tortured and killed in Cairo. His body was discovered in February 2016.

According to Italian media reports, Colaiocco said that suspects in the case would be formally investigated in the upcoming days, noting that the strong cooperation between the two countries will unveil the truth.

Italy’s Chamber of Deputies decided on Dec. 29 to halt all diplomatic relations with Egypt’s Parliament until there is a breakthrough and trial in the case of Regeni.

According to the Italian news agency of ANSA, the speaker of Italian Parliament Roberto Fico said on Friday that there will be complete suspension of diplomatic relations with the Egyptian Parliament due to the slow and inconclusive investigations of the murdered Italian student.

“With great regret I announce that Montecitorio will suspend all kinds of diplomatic relations with the Egyptian Parliament until there is a real turning point in the investigation concerning the murder of Giulio Regeni,” Fico said.

Immediately following the Italian unilateral decision, Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal expressed dissatisfaction with the Italian Parliament’s move, saying that a unilateral decision won’t help with the results of the investigations and won’t affect the Egyptian-Italian strong relations.

Egypt Today


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