Badie handed life imprisonment in ‘Guidance Office’ case

FILE - Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie shouts slogans from the defendant’s cage during his trial with other leaders of the Brotherhood in a courtroom in Cairo December 11, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Stringer

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Mohamed Badie, the Supreme Guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization, for life imprisonment in one of the cases he has faced since 2013.

Badie, along with five other defendants, were handed life imprisonment (25 years in prison) in the case known in media as “incidents of the Guidance Office.”

The prosecution charged the Muslim Brotherhood’s figures in the case with participating in providing unknown individuals with the weapons, ammunition, incendiary materials, explosives, equipment and planning required to commit the crime.

Badie, along with 64 defendants out of 682 others, was also sentenced to life on September, 23 over charges of inciting violence in a case dubbed in the media as “El-Idwa Incidents”.

Earlier in September, Badie and 46 other Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to life imprisonment in the case known as “Rabaa sit-in Dispersal”. Additionally, he was handed life imprisonment in August in the case known as “al-Bahr al-Azam.”

Following the ouster of former Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, the Egyptian state designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, and subsequently placed Muslim Brotherhood prominent figures on terror lists and confiscated their assets.

Egypt Today


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