Egypt’s Parl’t affirms support to removing Sudan from US terror list

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, listens to a speech during the opening of the 20th session of The New Partnership for Africa's Development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Jan. 31, 2009.- CC via Wikimedia/

Egypt’s First Deputy Parliament Speaker al-Sayed al-Sherif emphasized the need for joint cooperation to refute all justifications keeping Sudan on the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

During an Arab Parliament sitting on Sudan at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Sherif also affirmed the need to highlight Sudan’s right to restore its political and economic integration at Arab, regional and international levels.

Sudan has been on the US terror list since 1993, over accusations directed against the government of harboring terrorists.

“The moves to lift the name of brotherly Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism are not only for the Sudanese diplomacy anymore, but also for many regional bodies and institutions which see Sudan as a pivotal country in the fight against terrorism,” Sherif stated.

He also referred to the plan adopted by the Arab Parliament to form a committee headed by Arab Parliament Speaker Mishaal bin Fahm al-Salami to work on removing Sudan from the US list.

Sherif said that due to its Arab, regional and international role in fighting terrorist groups, Sudan’s stability directly contributes to achieving stability and security in Egypt.

Sudan has been one of the first countries to join the Arab Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen, he said, adding that it effectively worked to achieve security and peace in the African continent.

In this regard, Sherif called for activating the Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism and other similar agreements to eradicate terrorism funding sources, and to track and punish terrorist crimes’ perpetrators.

The Arab Parliament speaker said Saturday that terrorism and political militancy enabled some neighboring states to interfere in many Arabic states, Arab News reported.

Saudi Arabia’s Salami added that some of these intervening countries could “benefit from inter-Arab conflicts.”

In April 2018, Sudan’s Acting Finance Minister at the time Abdul Rahman Derar called on the international community to totally lift the economic sanctions imposed on the country.

Derar said sanctions have badly affected Sudan’s vital sectors, including health, education, productive sectors, and infrastructure.

“The Sudanese people are still suffering from the negative impacts of the economic sanction in food, cloth and education, besides the high cost of developing foreign finance,” he added.

In October, the US Administration agreed to lift economic sanctions against Sudan, including a trade embargo. The US said that Sudan has made progress fighting terrorism and easing humanitarian distress.

One of the officials said that the Trump administration secured Sudan’s commitment that it would “not pursue arms deals” with North Korea, and Washington will apply “zero tolerance” in ensuring Khartoum’s compliance, Reuters reported.

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