Security forces raid a terrorist hideout

Egyptian security forces were deployed in vital places nationwide to secure the Egyptians’ celebration of Eid al-Adha- press photo

Egyptian security forces successfully raided a terrorist hideout at Matariya neighborhood in eastern Cairo, said Interior Ministry’s statement on Saturday.

Security troops linked to the National Security sector carried out on Saturday a daring raid on a terrorist hideout where weapons and arm fires intended to be used against the public were kept.

What were found to be elements of the terrorist Hasm group, exchanged fire with the raiding security troops. A terrorist suspect named Amr Ahmed Mahmoud Abu al Hassan was killed on the exchange of fire, and two National Security officers wounded, according to the Interior Ministry statement.

The confiscated weapons included several firearms with their clips and bullets, RPG with several explosive warheads, explosives, electrical circuits used for bombs, and multiple bullet-proof jackets.

State Security Prosecution is carrying out investigation on the matter.

Egypt Today


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