Samir Ghanem returns to theater with ‘El-Zahr Lama Yelaab’

FILE - Renowned actor Samir Ghanem

After a hiatus of two years, veteran comedian Samir Ghanem returns to theater with the play “El-Zahr Lama Yelaab”.

According to Ghanem, the new play is scheduled to be staged in one of the new theaters in Cairo once the rest of the cast is decided upon.

Ghanem’s latest theatrical show was titled “Sebouni Aghani”. In a musical comedy attire, the play focused on talent shows. Written by Ahmed el-Ebiary and directed by Khaled el Halafawy, the play starred Samir Ghanem, Talaat Zakaria, Shaaban Abdel Rahim and Tarek el-Ebiary and was produced by Synergy and Hisham Gamal.

Egypt Today


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