President Sisi’s efforts draw bright future map for Egypt: Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

FILE - Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil said that the ideas of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his practical efforts on the level of all vital files draw a map of a bright future for Egypt, placing it in the position it deserves regionally and globally, which is clearly embodied in the president’s accomplishments during the past six years.

Gamil referred to what Sisi confirmed earlier Tuesday that he dreams about exporting Egyptian products with an amount of $100 billion during the next two or three years.

The businessman added that the president has established a rational and highly efficient management system that is good at proposing, planning and executing projects with the best possible images, and according to the maximum quality and revenue calculations, thus enhancing the returns of those development ideas and programs in all fields.

” The President’s speech assured the people about vital files such as the Renaissance Dam, his talk about the water treatment sector and his investments expected to record LE 1 trillion by the year 2037” Gamil said, describing the speech as positive and great talk.

“Since the year 2014, the president and successive governments have made achievements close to the limits of miracles, whether in the urban boom and new cities, or the projects of Sinai and Upper Egypt development and border governorates, or social welfare programs and support for more groups In need, or developed cities and industrial complexes, and initiatives to support entrepreneurs and owners of medium and small enterprises, up to the program of economic reform and improving the investment environment and attracting more foreign direct investment flows,” he added.

He asserted that Egypt has accomplished during the last period a very strong economic infrastructure, and thanks to that solid base, the Egyptian market has become better on the level of competitiveness and factors for attracting companies and investors.

“The president confirms that his aspirations for the Egyptian economy do not stop at the level of internal development and improving the environment of investment, production and local trading, but looks forward to more competition in the regional environment and in the global context, whether by attracting more industrial and service sectors and prominent companies, or by exporting Egyptian goods, products and services to foreign markets, and reaching the level of dream that he set during the opening of the industrial city of Rubiky today, to achieve exports of LE 100 billion.”

Gamil stressed that the government and its executive bodies provide a supportive context for investment strongly, and supports companies and investors within the framework of the state’s development plans and sustainable development strategy, future aspirations to improve the business environment, production volume, level of job creation and price balance, and thanks to those serious efforts that come in implementation of the president’s assignments and its permanent follow-up of all economic files; the agricultural and animal investment sectors, industry and trade, services, transportation, technology and communications which are witnessing record growth levels compared to the surrounding markets, and in light of the pressures resulting from the coronavirus epidemic.

He also referred to all local and international expectations and reports of specialized economic institutions which talks about Egypt’s escape from the crisis and its unprecedented growth rates regionally and globally despite the severe global crisis.

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