Egyptian-Chinese University to establish 5 new faculties, including AI: Univ. President

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CAIRO – 31 August 2022: President of the Egyptian-Chinese University and former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ashraf El-Shehi, stressed that the diversity in education sources benefits students.

Dr. El-Shehi explained that the diversity in education including: government, private, civil, technological, and international universities comes in the interest of students, pointing out that the practical services provided to the graduate will meet the job market at the local, regional and international levels.

Dr. Ashraf El-Shehhi said that “we must have graduates in all disciplines of high quality, which allows providing job opportunities for young people in different countries, pointing to the need to focus on the quality of education provided to students and the amount of quality provided to them.”

He added that Europe is in need of many graduates, explaining that it is necessary to present a graduate capable of challenging in the labor market, and that this matter is the real challenge for all universities of different classification, in the various details of laboratories, classrooms and curricula in addition to the performance of faculty members.

He said that the university is in the process of establishing 5 new faculties, namely: artificial intelligence, veterinary medicine, humanities, science and design, and soon the Faculty of Dentistry.

The President of the Egyptian Chinese University noted that the first batch of the Faculty of Engineering and International Trade was graduated, and this year, the first batch of the Faculty of Physiotherapy will be graduated.

He added that the Egyptian-Chinese University seeks to qualify students to be competitors in various internal and external labor markets, which requires the provision of a teaching staff at the highest level, while enhancing the capabilities and skills of students that qualify them to compete.

He also pointed to the university’s keenness that the university teaches English and Chinese languages.

Dr. Ashraf Al-Shihi stated that the university will organize an employment forum for students to offer them job opportunities, with the participation of major Chinese companies, and a number of Egyptian institutions and companies, explaining that a group of outstanding students has been selected to work at the university.

The President of the Egyptian Chinese University added that there was no increase in expenses during the next academic year, despite the high costs in various aspects, as the university administration did not want to pressure parents. It also offerred scholarships to the sons of martyrs from the heroes of the armed forces and police, and workers in many quarters, in addition to providing grants to the people of remote governorates, as well as offering other grants to students with special needs and those with special humanitarian conditions.

He added, that university life is integrated in the upbringing of students, including education, developing students’ skills, and developing a culture of private work.

He stated that the experience of foreign universities in Egypt is positive and worthy of evaluation, to enhance their role in society.

Dr. El-Shihi noted that the Egyptian-Chinese University will host next Tuesday a celebration between the Egyptian Space Agency and the Chinese Space Agency for cooperation between them to transfer space sciences to African countries, in the presence of the Chinese ambassador in Cairo and the Chinese cultural advisor.

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