Egypt exports 350 agricultural products to around 150 countries annually

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CAIRO – 1 September 2022: Spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Mohamed al-Qersh stated in a phone-in Wednesday that Egypt exports 350 agricultural products to around 150 countries annually.

The spokesperson highlighted that the export season has already begun, and that the amount shipped so far is 4.5 million tons.

The ministry had earlier in August indicated that the country’s top agricultural exports are citrus fruits, potatoes, onions, grapes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberry, beans, guavas, mangoes, garlic, and watermelons.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) released a statement in August detailing the exports, whose value declined in May 2022, in spite of the increase in the total value of exports on year-over-year basis by 18.3 percent to hit $4.01 billion up from $3.39 billion.

Fresh fruit exports declined the most by 23.5 percent to become $123.1 million in May 2022 down from $160.9 million in May 2021. The category that comes next is pasta and canned food, as their value dropped by 13.7 percent to be $70.9 million instead of $82.2 million.

The exports of pharmaceuticals plummeted by 10.3 percent to record $22.5 million compared to 25.1 million. Similarly, textile exports fell by 8.2 percent to be $17 million in comparison to $18.6 million.

As for plastics, their exports decreased by 3.9 percent to be $17.6 million instead of $18.3 million. Aldo, those of flat-rolled products of iron and steel went down by one percent to become $60.2 million down from $60.8 million.

Regarding exports whose value spiked, those are of petroleum and liquefied gas (44.1 percent), and of brute oil (30.7 percent). The value of the former hit $726.4 million up from $504 million. As for that of the latter, it scored $389 million up from 297.7 million.

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