One time a friend called me , she was in her way for her sister’s graduation party and they were going to an after party with her sister’s friends. She called me crying and I was trying to figure out what is wrong, then I understood that she was so afraid and stressed because she was going to meet her sister’s graduated friends for the first time and she kept crying and saying that they won’t accept her and that she is afraid that her sister would ditch her form them and she kept making a lot of scenarios in her mind. This girl does not usually interact with people so going into two parties was a nightmare for her. Later she was diagnosed with social anxiety.
By saying the phrase *social anxiety * I do not mean being shy. Shyness could happen to anyone when they go talk to their crush or say hi to their new neighbor but social anxiety is the feeling of so many stress just by setting with group of people. People with social anxiety their thoughts usually take control over them, they start to think about others opinions , looks and also they fear of embarrassment, humiliating or getting ditched. Too many things could get into their minds and a lot of fears could take advantage of them.
Here are some advises if you have a friend that suffers from social anxiety:
1. Do not force them to hangout, sometimes they feel locking themselves in their home is better than seeing people so, visiting them better than hanging out
2. If you and your socially anxious friend hanged out with a group of people and you feel that he is not comfortable or he is not getting into the conversation, give him your phone to play games or start a conversation that includes you and him only.
3. By mentioning the games, Please, install a game that helps with anxiety such as { Personal Zen , prism and super better } it could help a friend one day
If you are a person that suffers from social anxiety, don’t worry bud we all get worried sometimes knowing new people. All you have to do is to give it a try and always say to yourself that you are a precious person that everyone would pray till the sunrise just to have a friend like you and never heed what others think about you. Only look after your worth.


I suffer from GAD and I can tell how it attacks you mentally and physically. Sometimes when I get so anxious I start to get heavy chested and slowly loss my breath . I tried to fight it million times but it always ends by using my inhaler to help me taking my breath again . We all get anxious sometimes it’s normal but when you angst it is not normal , We can all worry but when you start to panic it is not okay.
Usually people who suffer from GAD they get heavy chested , panic attacks , increasing of the heart beats ,a muscle tension and they also find it so difficult and hard to control their worries . Anyone that goes through this should look for a professional medication . GAD could be pretty dangerous because as much as it hurts mentally as much as it hurts physically.
Here are some advises if you have a friend that suffers from GAD :
1. When you see your friend starts to worry about something but in an unnatural way as if he is giving the situation more that it fits please , try to comfort them in any possible way .
2. Never say ‘ you are over reacting , it doesn’t worth all that stress , your are doing it for attention etc..’ instead try to make them laugh or tell them everything is going to be okay and distract their mind so they would forget the situation
3. Hold their hands or hug them it may decrease the feeling of panicking

If you are a person that suffers from all of this , all you need to know that is you could win this inner fight . I know it is a hard battel between your thoughts and your body but you know how strong you are and you know that you could win whatever the situation is.

PTSD is one of the most miserable kinds of anxiety . Some people when they lose someone they take their time of sadness but in the end they move on and start their life again but others don’t . I have a friend who lost his father into a car accident, he took the car and fixed it but every time he enters it he starts to drown on his tears .
You can have PTSD without noticing but it is so common between people because all of us had that situation that cleaved us and every time we think about it we go through a rollercoaster of moods . We cry we get angry we shout we scream we worry we fear we do a lot of things . We also get flashbacks that we wish to delete from our minds but we can’t . Rape , assault, losing someone or maybe having an accident could all lead to PTSD. Generally people over come their PTSD but others don’t .
Usually people who suffer from PTSD they find it hard to sleep due to the overthinking about the past tense but here is one thing everyone should know about , As long as you mess with the past tense as long as it kills you . I know it could be hard moving on from this or forgetting that or whatever but trust me God gives us new days to make better memories and write a new chapter of our story . if you locked your self into the past it will kill you gradually . Here is my advise to you , Stop going through that situation over and over again give it its own time but don’t let it consumes you { STOP STUCKING YOUR SELF IN THE HISTORY AND TRY TO DEVOLOPE THE FUTURE} . I know some times life could be hard but you should be proud that you went through this and still standing on your feet and know that everyone is proud of you including me .

We all need to know that there are a plenty of people that suffers around us and we do not notice it sometimes . Try to go to the world today and be nice to everyone. you have no idea what they’ve been through or what they are going through . Instead of being another reason of anxiety try to be another reason of joy and happiness to others , try to draw smiles as a DA VINCI.
And for everyone that suffers from any type of anxiety or mental illness you should know how strong you are , you are a warrior and we are all waiting for your win. You are an overly loved person . Think positive , Try new life style or maybe go for a walk with someone you feel comfortable around . Fighting anxiety could be pretty challenging but you are also a champion


This article was written by Manuela Karam.


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