Man who murdered whole family sentenced to death

The Damanhour Criminal Court sentenced to death on Monday a livestock broker accused of killing a family of four, and requested the religious opinion of the grand mufti in regards to the sentence.

The crime occurred in al-Hawy village, Beheira governorate, on the first day of Eid al-Adha before Eid prayers.

Residents discovered the slaughtered bodies of al-Sayyed Abdel Aziz, 52, and his wife Aziza Mohamed, 40, as well as his sons Mustafa and Yousef, aged 18 and 15 respectively, inside their house and reported the incident to the police. Prosecutors ordered the burial of the bodies after the forensic examination was completed.

According to investigations, an eyewitness saw the defendant, al-Safy A., a 43-year-old livestock broker, near the victim’s house before Eid prayers, with his clothes stained with blood.

The defendant was arrested and investigations found four hairs belonging to the defendant were found between Mostafa’s teeth. Additionally, the clothes he wore when he committed the murder were found stained with the blood of the victims, as was the knife used in the attack.

The defendant’s hair also matched with the hair in the victim’s jaw, according to forensic analysis.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement after the incident proclaiming Safy as the suspect. He broke into the victims’ house with the aim of committing robbery. Aziza Mohamed happened to be present and was subsequently killed, before the rest of the family entered from outside and suffered the same fate.

The defendant confessed during interrogation that he committed the murders because the father had refused to sell him cattle.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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